The Safety Leadership Masterclass was really insightful. It’s not often you get to share a space with so many talented and experienced individuals, sharing their stories, learnings and ideas.

Over the weeks I really got to see first-hand the challenges our profession faces, regardless of what industry you are in. It was humbling to see everyone working towards the same goal and coming together to support each other.

The speakers were fantastic, they facilitated great conversation and asked thought-provoking questions. I enjoyed being able to watch the lectures in my own time and at my own pace, pausing to reflect and make notes, and completing the assignments along the way.

Bennjamin Mathews
National Safety Training & Systems Manager
Kmart Australia

The course material is really good and thought-provoking… It sets you up for the pathway for culture change, which is what it’s designed for, and the program has really hit the nail on the head with that.

HSE Manager
Food & Beverage Industry

The Safety Leadership Masterclass went above my expectations, and I achieved a lot more out of the course than I first thought.

The course is very unique in the teaching of change leadership, from the online learning to the community online message board that really helps with your ideas and feedback shared with your peers. The course also teaches proven leadership change models to explore and expand your knowledge for leading effective change in complex teams.

I would recommend future participants put in their motivation and energy to get the most from the learnings. You have to commit and use the learnings to add to your skill set as a Safety Professional Leader and you will see the change and results in your organisation.”

Lee Harrold
HSE Manager

This course reflects the latest thinking in the H&S space, delivered in a well phased manner by engaging presenters. Supporting materials are useful and the opportunity to interact with others on the course in the live sessions will be of great value for many. I would recommend this course to H&S professionals at all stages of their careers – there’s something here for everyone.”

Head of HSE
Engineering Industry

The masterclass is exceptional. It’s much more professional and integrated than other courses out there. It isn’t just safety focused, but also business focused. So, you not only learn from a safety and strategy perspective, but also understand the business acumen piece and how important it is.

If safety professionals miss that, they find they are highly unsatisfied and often work in organisations where safety feels painful. They struggle to influence and really help people. The way the masterclass is set out and brings in that business acumen is exceptional.”

Safety Director
Technology Industry

I really enjoy how the classes are presented and how you can do it in your own time.  It’s really short, sweet and to the point which is perfect for me.

Safety Manager
Utilities Industry

It’s something that would resonate with people at all levels. Whether you’ve worked in health and safety for 2 years or 20 years, you’d find benefit in it.

Head of HSE
Engineering Industry

I thoroughly enjoyed the leadership course, and I look forward to using the tools provided in the training to effectively support our safety journey.


I love the discussions with people working in other industries. There’s so many similarities and opportunities to learn from one another.


The main objective that I wanted to achieve was to be more aware and more thoughtful about how I lead. This course has definitely helped me to achieve this.


I strongly encourage people to get on board with this fantastic program. I have completed the program and cannot speak highly enough of it. The content, the presenters and the opportunities to share with other like-minded people from all industries and walks of life are invaluable.

Rob B

I’ve really enjoyed the course. It helped me to understand where we are as a team, where we need to improve and how I can lead that change.

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