The Safety Leadership Masterclass


Starts September 5, 2022
Duration 12 weeks, online


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Underpinned by psychology and neuroscience, the Safety Leadership Masterclass gives you the tools and support to become a more influential leader and change agent. 

  • A unique masterclass experience  for current and aspiring leaders
    The Safety Leadership Masterclass is a 12-week program designed for safety professionals and executive level specialists. With a mix of weekly course modules, on-demand lectures and live Q&A sessions, the course gives you the tools to create long-term, impactful change in your organisation. 
  • Combine education with community
    Through access to our 24/7 peer learning platform, you will connect with a global community of like-minded safety change leaders across industries, discuss ideas, share challenges and crowd source solutions for a learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom. 
  • Built for a busy executive’s schedule
    Designed with engaging, short and digestible modules that can be accessed at any time, we’ve built this course with the practicalities of a busy executive leader’s schedule in mind. All modules are available on-demand, over a 12-week period, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

The Safety Leadership Masterclass at a glance – course overview

Deconstructing the Organisational Context

  • Week 1 – Safety by Choice, Not by Chance: Identify your organisation’s safety ‘brand’ and your own ‘Personal Big5™’ motivators.
  • Week 2 – Welcome to Safety and Culture: Determine where your organisation sits in the maturity model and how you can begin to transform the safety culture.
  • Week 3 – A Vision for Positive Safety: Consider your legacy and set a vision for yourself and your team as safety leaders and ambassadors.

Embracing the Psychology of Change

  • Week 4 – Harnessing Your Brain for Change: Discover how to harness the five fundamental truths of the brain to drive essential change in attitudes and beliefs.
  • Week 5 – Become an Agent for Change: Unpack a change model to bring to life the needs of your business and create a compelling roadmap for change.
  • Week 6 – Speak Their Language: Learn how to talk to your audience in a style that balances passion and best practice, for greater influence.

Starting a Movement

  • Week 7 – Build a Compelling Case for Change: Collate qualitative and quantitative data to support a compelling story that engages and influences stakeholders.
  • Week 8 – Create the Space for Powerful Commitment: Use a proven framework based on logic, rationality, stability, and honesty to gain powerful commitment.
  • Week 9 – A Roadmap for Transformation: Use the One Page Safety Plan to set your team up for success in the transformation towards supporting the safety vision.

Leading for Success

  • Week 10 – Build an Army of Advocates: Foster a growth mindset by tapping into the neuroscience of trust and the social brain to build psychological safety.
  • Week 11 – Unleash Individual and Collective Talent: Embrace the 8 Safety Leadership Competencies to role model transformational leadership; be a coach, guide, empowerer, and advocate.
  • Week 12 – Focus + Effort = Success: Your final week is where it all comes together. Cross the t’s, dot the i’s, rally the team, and make it happen!
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