The Safety Leadership Masterclass – March 2023


Starts March 13, 2023
Ends June 2, 2023
Duration 12 weeks, online


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Underpinned by psychology and neuroscience, the Safety Leadership Masterclass gives you the tools and support to become a more influential leader and change agent. 

  • A unique masterclass experience  for current and aspiring leaders
    The Safety Leadership Masterclass is a 12-week program designed for safety professionals and executive level specialists. With a mix of weekly course modules, on-demand lectures and live Q&A sessions, the course gives you the tools to create long-term, impactful change in your organisation. 
  • Combine education with community
    Through access to our 24/7 peer learning platform, you will connect with a global community of like-minded safety change leaders across industries, discuss ideas, share challenges and crowd source solutions for a learning experience that extends far beyond the classroom. 
  • Built for a busy executive’s schedule
    Designed with engaging, short and digestible modules that can be accessed at any time, we’ve built this course with the practicalities of a busy executive leader’s schedule in mind. All modules are available on-demand, over a 12-week period, allowing you to learn at your own pace.

The Safety Leadership Masterclass is delivered over 12 weeks, across four key modules.

Module 1: Deconstructing the Organisational Context

  • Week 1 – Safety by Choice, Not by Chance: Identify your organisation’s safety ‘brand’ and your own ‘Personal Big5™’ motivators.
  • Week 2 – Welcome to Safety and Culture: Determine where your organisation sits in the maturity model and how you can begin to transform the safety culture.
  • Week 3 – A Vision for Positive Safety: Consider your legacy and set a vision for yourself and your team as safety leaders and ambassadors.

Module 2: Embracing the Psychology of Change

  • Week 4 – Harnessing Your Brain for Change: Discover how to harness the five fundamental truths of the brain to drive essential change in attitudes and beliefs.
  • Week 5 – Become an Agent for Change: Unpack a change model to bring to life the needs of your business and create a compelling roadmap for change.
  • Week 6 – Speak Their Language: Learn how to talk to your audience in a style that balances passion and best practice, for greater influence.

Module 3: Starting a Movement

  • Week 7 – Build a Compelling Case for Change: Collate qualitative and quantitative data to support a compelling story that engages and influences stakeholders.
  • Week 8 – Create the Space for Powerful Commitment: Use a proven framework based on logic, rationality, stability, and honesty to gain powerful commitment.
  • Week 9 – A Roadmap for Transformation: Use the One Page Safety Plan to set your team up for success in the transformation towards supporting the safety vision.

Module 4: Leading for Success

  • Week 10 – Build an Army of Advocates: Foster a growth mindset by tapping into the neuroscience of trust and the social brain to build psychological safety.
  • Week 11 – Unleash Individual and Collective Talent: Embrace the 8 Safety Leadership Competencies to role model transformational leadership; be a coach, guide, empowerer, and advocate.
  • Week 12 – Focus + Effort = Success: Your final week is where it all comes together. Cross the t’s, dot the i’s, rally the team, and make it happen!

Upon completion of The Safety Leadership Masterclass, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to:

  1. Critically analyse the organisational safety culture and your role as a change leader to develop knowledge of best practice
  2. Apply the psychology of change and associated key skills to complex safety culture problems for successful change outcomes.
  3. Demonstrate advanced professional communication skills to articulate an inspiring vision, influence stakeholders, and manage objections and roadblocks
  4. Develop and justify sound solutions to complex problems to set your safety culture change project up for success
  5. Critically reflect upon and develop your safety leadership style and skills to foster psychological safety and a high-performing team

Eligible members of the Australian Institute of Health & Safety (AIHS) also qualify for 100CPD points upon completion of the program. 

The Safety Leadership Masterclass was really insightful. It’s not often you get to share a space with so many talented and experienced individuals, sharing their stories, learnings and ideas. Over the weeks I really got to see first-hand the challenges our profession faces, regardless of what industry you are in. It was humbling to see everyone working towards the same goal and coming together to support each other. The speakers were fantastic, they facilitated great conversation and asked thought-provoking questions. I enjoyed being able to watch the lectures in my own time and at my own pace, pausing to reflect and make notes, and completing the assignments along the way.
– Bennjamin Mathews, National Safety Training and Systems Manager

Unique teaching that draws upon proven leadership change models
The Safety Leadership Masterclass went above my expectations, and I achieved a lot more out of the course than I first thought. The course is very unique in the teaching of change leadership, from the online learning to the community online message board that really helps with your ideas and feedback shared with your peers. The course also teaches proven leadership change models to explore and expand your knowledge for leading effective change in complex teams. I would recommend future participants put in their motivation and energy to get the most from the learnings. You have to commit and use the learnings to add to your skill set as a Safety Professional Leader and you will see the change and results in your organisation.
– Lee Harrold, HSE Manager

Something for everyone
This course reflects the latest thinking in the H&S space, delivered in a well phased manner by engaging presenters. Supporting materials are useful and the opportunity to interact with others on the course in the live sessions will be of great value for many. I would recommend this course to H&S professionals at all stages of their careers – there’s something here for everyone.
– Head of HSE, Engineering Industry

Perfect blend of safety and business
The masterclass is exceptional. It’s much more professional and integrated than other courses out there. It isn’t just safety focused, but also business focused. So, you not only learn from a safety and strategy perspective, but also understand the business acumen piece and how important it is. If safety professionals miss that, they find they are highly unsatisfied and often work in organisations where safety feels painful. They struggle to influence and really help people. The way the masterclass is set out and brings in that business acumen is exceptional. 
– Safety Director, Technology Industry

Pathway for culture change
The course material is really good and thought-provoking. It sets you up for the pathway for culture change, which is what it’s designed for, and the program has really hit the nail on the head with that. 
– HSE Manager,  Food & Beverage Industry

Perfect for busy schedules
I really enjoy how the classes are presented and how you can do it in your time. It’s really short, sweet and to the point which is perfect for me. 
– Safety Manager, Utilities Industry

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