The Safety Leadership Masterclass is for leaders and aspiring leaders. It’s for safety professionals and executive level specialists who are looking to create long-term, impactful change in their organisations while claiming safer, better ways to work.

Experienced leaders will gain a deep understanding of safety culture and their roles as change leaders in creating organisational-wide impact.

Aspiring leaders will learn how to articulate their vision, influence key stakeholders, and create a clear roadmap for success.

  • 8 modules, delivered across 8 weeks, covering all aspects of safety culture and the psychology of change
  • Access to our 24/7 peer learning platform where you can connect with a global community of like-minded safety change leaders across industries
  • On-demand videos, exercises to trigger your thinking, links to articles and speeches
  • Short, digestible, and engaging course modules, giving you the flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • 100 days’ overall access to the platform
  • Interactive live sessions with Sentis CEO Anthony Gibbs, Head of Psychology Dr Amy Hawkes, and Safety Culture Development Specialist Eagan Barnett, along with guest speakers from our team of safety and psychology experts
  • Becoming part of the Safety Leadership Masterclass Alumni network

At Sentis, we approach safety holistically. Not only does our Safety Leadership Masterclass provide a deep understanding of safety culture, it also equips participants with an understanding of the psychology of change.

Over 8 weeks you’ll create a clear roadmap for a successful safety culture change project. You’ll also learn how to articulate your vision and influence key stakeholders while being equipped with the tools needed to deal with the roadblocks and frustrations often associated with organisational culture shifts.

But it doesn’t stop there. By combining education with community, the Safety Leadership Masterclass also allows you to collaborate with peers across industries, sharing ideas, challenges and solutions in a live, always-on discussion.

No other safety culture courses (to the best of our knowledge) base their foundational learnings in workplace psychology and peer learning to achieve what really matters: helping team members and leaders to make authentic, life-saving choices in their work environments.

On the Safety Leadership Masterclass platform, you can collaborate with participants from different companies across the globe. You can start new topics and join powerful debates. We have mentors to help direct the discussion as needed and our experts will reply to your questions during the dedicated Q&A sessions. 

The self-directed, on-demand style of this course has been built with the practicalities of a busy executive leader’s schedule in mind.

If you are looking to experience the full Safety Leadership Masterclass in depth, devote 3-4 hours per week. If you have less time available, 30 minutes a week will allow you to attend all lessons and discuss with peers. 

Currently, the Safety Leadership Masterclass is only delivered in English.

Accreditations are useful for certain types of standard courses that deliver the same content each time. 

Here at Sentis, we like to do things differently. We develop each Masterclass to be the best it can be and customise deliverable content based on participant engagement. We may use different content based on each cohort’s industry skews and want to be flexible enough to deliver various levels of content based on our participants’ experiences, knowledge gaps and quests for knowledge. 

The continually evolving nature of our course and its corresponding content mean that it doesn’t fit within the confines of traditional accreditations.  

With all modules available on demand, our Masterclass is accessible from anywhere in the world at any time that works for you. Interactive, live sessions will be scheduled to be as accessible as possible across all time zones, and if you can’t join live for any reason, recordings will be available to watch when it works for you.

The standard tuition fee for the full 8-week course, all material, live sessions and 100 days access to the collaboration platform is AU$2,750. 

We also offer group discounts if you want to bring your whole team. Contact us at learn@safetyleadershipmasterclass.com to find out more. 

We run our masterclasses biannually. Visit safetyleadershipmasterclass.com/upcoming-cohorts/ to find out when the next Safety Leadership Masterclass kicks off.

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