About Sentis

Sentis has been pioneering safety culture in the workplace since 2003. Created as a way to deliver a new kind of safety training, our programs are underpinned by psychology and neuroscience, and target employees at an attitudinal level to help organisations break through their safety plateau and unlock Positive Safety.

The Safety Leadership Masterclass allows us to take these learnings to a whole new level by sharing our wealth of knowledge and empowering safety professionals and executive level specialists to become culture change agents.

Meet the Experts

Anthony Gibbs

Chief Executive Officer
BPsych (Hons)

Responsible for leading Sentis on its mission to change the lives of individuals and organisations for the better every day, Anthony has worked with thousands of people, across hundreds of organisations globally to improve their safety culture.

Dr Amy Hawkes

Head of Psychology
PhD (OrgPsych)
BPsych (Hons)

An endorsed organisational psychologist, Amy is an expert in organisational development, leadership, culture and wellbeing, has 10 years’ experience as an academic and leads Sentis’ in-house research team.

Eagan Barnett

Safety Culture Specialist
PostGradDip (ClinPsych)
BSc (Psych)

Eagan has more than 20 years’ experience in consulting, counselling, psychological assessment, training and development.

Ben Carnell

Head of Client Solutions
MPsych (OrgPsych)
BPsych (Hons)

Ben is a Registered Psychologist, specialising in the application of performance psychology to business.

Thibault Vincent

Principal Consultant

As a facilitator of large-scale end-to-end safety culture transformation projects, Thibault helps organisations drive positive safety culture.

Mark Cooper

Principal Consultant

With more than 20 years of combined corporate and operational safety management and facilitation experience, Mark’s specialisations include safety leadership, individual and team coaching, risk management and organisational culture change.

Taryn Mathis

Safety Culture Specialist

Taryn has a unique background in consulting and higher education. She specialises in organisational change with a focus on education, leadership and mentoring and problem solving.

Christy Gridley

Head of Marketing / Course Manager

Responsible for leading the team that’s developed the Safety Leadership Masterclass, Christy is an experienced B2B professional with more than 12 years’ experience in education, healthcare and safety culture change.

Libby O’Brien

Community Manager

As the Community Manager for the Safety Leadership Masterclass, Libby implements a seamless digital experience for enhanced community engagement.

Charlotte Jameson

Community Mentor

Charlotte has more than 15 years of experience sharing positive psychology and neuroscience within both corporates and education settings, working with individuals at all levels.

You can learn more about Sentis at sentis.com.au 

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